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Amar Jaleel Books Pdf Free Download


Nov 26, 2559 BE – This book, namely Chand Wisami Wiyo (Sindhi: Ú†Ù†ÚŠ وسامي ويو), was written by Amar Jalil, a famous Sindhi writer of history and drama. He was the editor-in-chief of a newspaper with that name, and from what I have read, he was an English teacher at school.
I could be wrong about this, as I don’t know his last name.
He was a very wealthy man, and he wrote this poem.
This poem has eight stanzas, and the first five stanzas tell the story and the last stanza.
The story says that two children who were orphans were raised by their aunt and uncle.
Then their aunt became ill and they had to become guardians over her.



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