Antirun 2.7 Serial Number Keygen

Antirun 2.7 Serial Number Keygen

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Antirun 2.7 Serial Number Keygen

Antirun 2.7 Serial Number Keygen

Antirun 2.7 Serial Number Keygen


The IDEL VF6 is the same type of speed reducer as the REDEL 50030 or REDEL 50040 (for a gear-reduction of 12:1).
According to the data sheet (see section 5), the IDEL VF6 has a horsepower (HP) rating of 30.
According to the “Basic Data” tables (see section 4), the maximum rotational speed of the motor is rated at 2.55 HP.
Therefore, the motor is in this chart probably not over 2.55 HP.
The IDEL VF6 just covers the “single-pole” version of the REDEL VF series. For the “double-pole” version of the REDEL VF series, the IDEL VF8 is suitable.


How to receive this Json object from Web Service

I am trying to understand what this json response is all about and how to extract the information in php.

Can someone please explain to me in simple terms what this is, and how to extract the information into a php array for use.
Thank you very much.


This is JSON and you can parse it simply using:
$json = file_get_contents(“”);
$data = json_decode($json, true);

echo $data[‘732’][0][‘item’]; //weight
echo $data[‘732’][0][‘value’]; //100
echo $data[‘732’][0][‘item’]; //ID

The result:

If you need to decode it further, you can do:
$jArray = json_decode($json, true);

And the result is:
array(2) {
array(1) {

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