MiG-29 For DCS World Full Crack [WORK] 🚀

MiG-29 For DCS World Full Crack [WORK] 🚀


MiG-29 For DCS World Full Crack

Sep 15, 2020
At this moment it’s 2.47 (22th) position in the list of most trusted websites.
Mig 29 Mig-29
MiG 29 Mig 29
MiG 29
MiG 29 for DCS World
MiG 29: Top aircraft of all times (apart from F-14, F-16 and F-18).
Jun 17, 2019
There is no confirmation yet from DCS World team, but look at this screenshot:

Why an answer? Because it takes about 17+ years for answers to appear in forums.
Kirill Kalafutov
So as I can see from the top (17) there is a bug, as I wrote in the comment – it’s has no RF system. Everything else is correct and common for this airplane.
Awhile ago there was a solution for this issue in exchange, but it has been removed since. Here is .
Yes, it is possible to make a fix (replace F19 algorithm), but it is a very big amount of work.
And I think that for this, for example, 1,5 years should go, until it is done and it can be released.
By the way, it is not a bug. In the air battle is impossible to use the RF, but in the dogfight you can.
Support about this issue: Why RF system is not working on MIg 29


I don’t think it is a bug.
It’s official – when RF proximity sensor is not working correctly – it actually really doesn’t matter, because you can’t use RF at all, but only in dogfight mode.
There is a system for this – AIM-9 (hit-boxes) and target lock.
Click on the picture to see better.

In the future, first we need a try to replace the RF sensor with a working one, and only after that we can close this bug.

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